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Just some thoughts

Posted Wednesday, November 11, 2009 by Dennis Ryan
 I appreciated the thank you email. But I must say that my disappointment in the Touchdown Clubs treatment of Ms. Demyen is immeasurable. To have TC representation call her a liar, accuse her of creating a racial divide in this community, in her office is in my opinion unacceptable. Eva Demyen has done nothing to the TC leadership.  She has done nothing but teach and mentor the children on Long Island, She has done nothing but develop and rewrite math curriculum for our entire state so much so that the state tried to hire her away from us. She has done nothing but advocate on behalf of the children on Long Island for over 30 years. She has done nothing but change the delivery and curriculum in our district which has had a tremendous effect on the scores and accomplishments of OUR children here in Deer Park.  Her concern and mine is about safety and well being of all students.  Regardless of what adults do to screw it up.  I am glad this is all worked out but may I suggest that the next time someone wants to attack Eva Demyens character the TC  leadership should stick with me, because Eva Demyens character is out of our league.  Good Luck, have fun at the Dinner and Go Falcons.
Thank You for all you do for the kids.
Dennis P. Ryan
Football Parent
Deer Park Board of Education

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