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You're a great football fan, if...

Posted Wednesday, September 05, 2007 by jim doyle

You're a great football fan, if...

You said your wedding vows while watching a football game out of the corner of your eye.

You proposed at a tailgate party.

You asked your wife to have a Caesarian Section, because the baby was due on Super Bowl Sunday.

In preparation for a romantic evening you put on a football helmet.

You did the end zone hustle at your wedding reception.

You dated the team mascot in costume.

Your definition of "getting lucky" is finding a football ticket in your wife's jeans.

Your wife saw your marriage proposal on the stadium scoreboard.

You've ever worn face paint to Sunday church.

You met your wife when she was selling hotdogs at the stadium.

You keep a football playbook in the bathroom.

Your girlfriend used to date most of the players on the team.

Your season tickets cost more than your house.

You have a tattoo of your team logo.

Your children are named Ditka, Heisman and O.J.

Your wedding colors were the same as your team colors.

You've offered to post bail for a football player.

Stadium Food Service catered your wedding.

In preparation for a romantic evening, you ask your wife to wear a cheerleader outfit.

You missed weekend visitation rights because of a football game.

You and your wife stay married for the sake of the bobblehead collection.

You do "the wave" when you're asleep in bed.

In the school yearbook, you're wearing the team uniform on picture day.

Your prenuptial agreement mentions season tickets.

You named your dog Touchdown.

You have three big screen TV's in the living room for Sunday's games.

You've worn the same shirt on Sundays for seven years.

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