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General Rules and Regulations for Suffolk County Football.

Posted Tuesday, August 01, 2006 by Section XI.org
Pre-Season Practice Format:

1. The first three days of practice must be non-contact, without protective pads and without blocking sleds and other blocking devices.

2. The next three days provide a transition from the conditioning phase to full contact, shoulder pads along with the use of blocking dummies, sleds, and similar devices are permitted.

3. The following five days consist of contact practices with full protective equipment and use of training devices.

4. Six additional practices must be held prior to the first interschool contest. Interschool scrimmages may commence on the 12th day. the minimum time between interschool football scrimmages shall be two days.

5. Total days required: 17 Team; 17 Individual. All individuals must complete the first six days prior to participating in full contact drill.

6. Scrimmages are permitted on day 12, contests on day 18.

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